About Emma

My name is Emma McLaughlan, founder of Declutter Den. I’m a natural simplifier and creator of organisational systems. Even as a child, before such terms as ‘declutter’ and ‘home organising’ became a thing, I would continually tidy my room (and thoroughly enjoy doing so) until my belongings were streamlined and catagorised. Believe it or not I clearly recall asking for a ring binder for my 10th birthday, and this quickly grew into a collection of files that held all of my projects, school books and assignments in order all the way through my teenage years too.

In my adult life I came to realise this this wasn’t necessarily ‘the norm’-especially when I met my partner who is my polar opposite! During our time of cohabiting I’ve learned that for many people the solutions to clutter and disorganisation are not obvious.

Living with a clutter bug has been an eye-opening experience that has taught me how to lead an unnatural declutterer through the process in bite-sized chunks… anything larger than that seems too hard to swallow. I hope that by sharing my insights here on Declutter Den that I might help others through the process too.

Emma McLaughlan
Declutter Den Founder & Writer