Declutter Bug: The Awakening!

A couple of months ago we moved our child’s bulky toddler bed into his very own little boy’s bedroom, and the instant I saw our bedroom returned to its originally designed state (after 2 and a half years of a co-sleeping setup), something hit me. Well, to be honest a terrible gut-wrenching pang hit me that I could no longer watch/hear my son sleeping right by me, but there was also an emerging buzz that everything could now be put in its place… I could now declutter!

It seems that the sight of our tidy bedroom harked the return of my zealous declutter bug (it had scuttled off right when my son was born; perhaps it didn’t like the smell of dirty nappies and sour breastmilk, anyhow I digress). I’d always liked ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’, even when I was a child, but this awakening has had me like a woman possessed. There is not one square meter of my house that hasn’t been purged of something, or many things, and organised to its very core. If you too are in need of A Kickstart to Decluttering, here’s how I began:

Declutter Just One Area at a Time

I didn’t tackle a whole room in a general surface sweep, as I wasn’t after a titivating tidy-up. I wanted to systematically work through detail by detail with one mantra in mind: Simplify to Run Smoothly. With every area I’d start by questioning: “What could I do here to make our lives easier?” I’ll take you through the specifics on each area of the house in my upcoming series of articles on decluttering and home organisation.

Donate, Sell, Offer

I now have multiple sacks full of items ready for donation to charity. Donating to charity often helps you to let go of things more easily, as it creates a feel-good factor over the uncertainty; why keep unused items lying around your home when other people could be benefitting from them? A bit of good karma is great for everyone!

Lastly, I had made myself a pile of things to sell that were not charity shop suited (electrical spares etc) and I put a strict deadline on that sell pile. The ‘strict’ deadline came and went, twice, so I offered these up to a more eBay active family member to profit from. This way I regained space quickly without the guilt of causing landfill, and I’m happy that someone close to me might make a few quid.

The entire process was hugely cathartic and cleansing, and I’m constantly seeking more areas of our home in which we could purge and improve. By decluttering our house, our lives and routines have been decluttered too. The house now feels as though it can breathe again. There’s no more hunting around when everything is where it needs to be and nothing obstructs the path.

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