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Decluttering: Analyse, Separate and Regroup


To master decluttering, if we can learn how to analyse, separate and regroup our belongings then things almost seem to find their own perfect place in the home. Not convinced? Time to try it for yourself.

Decluttering, aka Analyse

Choose one area for decluttering, let’s say a set of 3 drawers in the kitchen-or even just one is enough if you’re a little shaky on the starting block.

Take absolutely everything out and look at each individual thing for what it is; this sounds incredibly obvious but it’s amazing how blind we become to items that have always been there. Your brain skips over the familiar: “Oh pay no attention to that grotty egg slicer, it’s been there for the last 10 years so of course it must remain in its spot! No matter that we don’t serve our hard boiled yums dissected into eleven uniform discs because hand-washing the old slicer is more hassle than shoving a knife in the dishwasher.” You get the gist. Now get rid.


What’s left after the initial analysis and first purge now needs to be separated. Break into new piles, putting like with like, and you’ll soon see if there are any multiples that could be pared down. Keep the best, bin the rest (best two if a spare is really necessary, and ‘bin’ others in a charity bag).


This is the organisation process that has been started somewhat by putting like with like, but we need to go way beyond this. Regrouping is when we reconsider how we use our space, and think about how it would serve us better. Don’t remain in a rut that no longer works for you or your family. Think carefully about how you move around your space: What item do you always have to cross the room to get? Could it find a home nearer the action? (More about Mastering Home Organisation: 3 Steps to Creating Task Zones)

Once you begin placing your reduced amount of things in practical and permanently allocated areas (a place for everything and everything in it’s place) then organisation begins to happen at an increasing, and encouraging, speed. This is because you are making sense of your space, by letting it make sense for your life.

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