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How to Organise Craft Supplies

Everyone has different craft supplies, and different kinds of places in which to stash it, but I hope that by sharing how I organise my craft cupboards with you that you’ll be able to draw inspiration to apply to your own situation.

Once upon a time, my arts and crafts paraphernalia were scattered all around the house, and because of this I hadn’t embarked on a crafty creation in literally years. The thought of hunting high and low for the tools and materials I’d need made me feel exhausted before I’d even started.

I gathered every single solitary thing together in the room that I had decided was most suited to my crafting. If you’re lucky enough to have an allocated craft room then great! But for those of us a bit more limited in space, make sure you’re housing your supplies in the room most suited to your hobby; you don’t want the hassle of collecting supplies from a different place, it makes tidy up time harder too and you’ll put it off.

Creating a Craft Room

Assess how good the light is in each room of the home that might lend itself to occasional crafting (or if there’s a spot where you could invest in a good task lamp) and consider if there’s enough space to spread out in. Bedrooms always have that pesky bed in the way if you’re likely to be cutting up large pieces of fabric or cardstock, and kitchens are prone to family footfall. If you have a particularly noisy sewing machine/staple gun you favour then you’ll have to consider proximity to sleeping children (prime crafting time).

I chose our den as my prime location; it’s in the back of the house, so if I’ve made a particularly big mess with trimmings late last night then I can shut the door on it. Residual crafting mess must be considered if you don’t want to get caught on the hop by unexpected guests.

Organise Craft Storage

Once you’ve settled on your room, you need to commandeer a storage option in that room that is big enough to store ALL of your craft supplies, or bring in a piece fit for the task. With them all in the same spot you will be able to see at a glance what you have available for each project.

I chose to house my supplies in two wall-mounted cupboards (one directly above the other so they view as one space), to keep dangerous items safely out of reach from my little boy. They are filled with tools, paints, inks, haberdashery and glues. I intend to fill the lower cupboard with child friendly craft supplies as he gets older-I am so excited to craft together!

My favourite type of storage solution are those with adjustable shelves. These allow you to make adjustments to perfectly suit the boxes/baskets/tins that you already have. Home organisation doesn’t have to be about spending a small fortune on fancy new containers. It should be about repurposing what you already have.

I’ve situated a number of my adjustable shelves quite close together so that I can separate out sketch pads, card stock and cutting mats. I’ve reused the tin from a toiletries gift set for inks; a gift box from a hair care set for thread; two old cosmetics cases for paints and stationery and other baskets and boxes from around the house. I purposefully left my fabric and card out of containers so that I’m able to make a selection at a glance.

How have you arranged your craft supplies? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear more ideas 🙂

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